Word – Where Are My People

Why are My people not coming to Me? Why do My people not draw near to Me in My presence? I yearn for them, I long for them, yet so few come.

I have made a way. I made a path. I broke Eden wide open, so they could return to My heart, to My love.

Yet so few draw near to Me, draw near in the secret place. How I long for My children to come to sit in My lap, to fellowship with Me, to talk with Me, to laugh with Me, even to cry.

I yearn for all of mine to be a part of Me in My heart.
When will they come? When will they draw near? When will they learn that without Me there is nothing? When will they learn that they must keep their oil full and their wick trimmed so that when things get rough, when there’s trouble, they will not grow weary?

Here and now I’m beginning to press My presence in a new way.

Putting a stronger draw to all of those who are Mine. I yearn for them to draw near to Me and I am making away; a strong way for all that will respond, there will be blessings.
For those who remain back, they could be left behind because this next wave of My presence will draw all that come near; deeper into Me, give them inside information, let them walk in power and strength.

If those that call themselves Mine do not draw near, they themselves have declared they think they are in control.

My spirit says come, My heart yearns, My desire is for prosperity. For Mine and My people.

All that are with Me will come.
All that draw near to Me are in Me. I yearn for none to be lost, but all to be found.

But only in My presence can they be made truly strong.

To those that are ministering I would say:

Encourage those around you to become one in My presence.

Fitting as the fit member that they were created to be. Not looking to the right or the left but looking straight ahead.

Encourage them to become more acquainted with Me.
Encourage them to become deep, deep, deeply intimate with Me in My presence.
I do not ask much.
But all who come to Me freely give because when you truly accept Me you’ve given up all things.

When you hold back and you look to the past as I’ve said before, you’re not fit for the kingdom of God.

To be an ambassador for My kingdom you must be set apart. You must have removed yourself and your cares away from this world. You must have died to self and been raised to life in newness in Me.

There is no other way, there is no other truth, only in Me will you find true peace. Only in Me will you find true happiness all that will come, come

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