Podcast – Bishop And Moose

This show is conceived during the time of quarantine for COVID-19 however it’s turned into a time of encouragement and discussion of the word of God. Join us as we dive deep into subjects to help encourage you and grow you in God’s word! Our desire is that you become all that you were created to be! 

Podcast – Uncomfortable

In this Podcast we are not afraid to tackle topics that the church many times will not discuss or avoids because it can be uncomfortable or controversial. Our heart and desire is that this podcast not bring division. We instead want to encourage and stir you to dig into the gospel to learn and grow in your faith.

Podcast – Kingdom Talk

This Podcast was inspired when Kirk Moose and Andre King begin to have conversations regarding the word of God. It is gone from a conversation over the phone to a podcast and YouTube channel where we discussed the word of God and how he can help you grow in your relationship with God.

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