Why is it that we think that we can approach God in any way that we see fit?
Why do we feel that just because He is a God of grace that we can address Him anyway we want? Would you approach a king, president, or dictator on this earth in the same way you approach or address God?

For many of us we would have to say no. Because if we approached the President for example, without proper respect, running up to him, not being announced or invited, we would end up either shot or face down on the ground with a gun to our head.

Now, we are approaching the King of Glory, the one that has no equal. There is no one higher, nor greater.

How do we think that we can just approach Him in any way without consequence for our actions?
I am not saying these things to bring condemnation, instead to challenge you to go beyond where you are. To help you, not to limit your potential in your relationship with your creator. We see a perfect example of this in the book of Esther and how she approached the king.

Esth 5:1- 2 HCSB
1On the third day, Esther dressed up in her royal clothing and stood in the inner courtyard of the palace facing it. The king was sitting on his royal throne in the royal courtroom, facing its entrance. 2As soon as the king saw Queen Esther standing in the courtyard, she won his approval. The king extended the gold scepter in his hand toward Esther, and she approached and touched the tip of the scepter.
See she did not just say:

I was accepted
I was redeemed
I was chosen over the former queen
She did not think, I now have the right to approach the king any time/way I want. No, she went in and prepared herself. Putting on her best clothes, she made herself presentable to the king. She did not even enter the throne room but stood in the inner courtyard, in view of the king.

Yet when we come into the house of God feeling that because we were purchased by the blood, sanctified by grace, that we can enter strait into the throne room, and be welcome.

Now there is some truth that we have direct access to the father, now that Christ died for us, but also some assumptions about what it means that:
We are his children
We are seated at the right hand of God
We are His chosen people
These facts maybe true, but when we approach God for something we want favor not just access.
Think of when a child approaches his or her father for a favor or a toy at the store. They can yell and scream, possibly getting in trouble and aggravating the parents. Hoping that as they make a scene or demand that the parent will give in out of obligation or frustration. The flip side is they can be cute, adorable, love on you, adore you, soften your heart. When they do this they find favor that would not have be there, if they had just demanded, feeling entitled.

In the same way when you approach a king there is protocol.

Yet for some reason we think that because this is a modern time and we live in a progressive world, He will overlook any transgressions, ‘it’s under the blood’.
We have the attitude that He is God he is full of grace, that it is all ok.

Yet even if things will be ok, if we really want to go deeper and want to live in His fullness we have to make some changes.
Next post we will dive deeper into this topic and explorer how we can enter in in a way that will welcome God to invite us deeper. You can access it here.

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