Prophetic Word About Multiplication

While I was in my prayer time this morning I felt God whisper to me, Get your journal.
As I began to write what he told me, He  brought me a word for you:

Multiplication I bring to your hand, what you need I already see. Lean into me and find your rest. Learn from my spirit and I will make you whole. My desire for you is pleasant and good, my yearning for you is for you to be near to my heart. Draw close to me like a little child to their parent in the dark. Draw near to me and I will bring you comfort and rest for your soul. My heart is for you, yet you must press into me, so I can give you strength. Without learning to rest in me, learning to hear my voice, how will you have reset for your soul? My comforter is already sent for you. He is waiting for you to call upon my name. He waits to teach you new things, but you keep yourself too busy. Learn to rest and I will give you wings, expand your tents, and bring you rain.

I pray that this blessed you as much as it did me! It is amazing to me that God loves us so much that He reaches out to us and meets us right where we are.

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