Life Long Study

Over the last several months I’ve begun the to once again to add another layer. This latest chapter has led me to study Biblical Greek. I’ve been very blessed that my friend and pastor is a student himself and has been able to teach me many of the basics.
I have learned how important it is to understanding verb tenses when it comes to understanding Greek. Without it is hard to understand exactly what the author is saying.
I have never been someone who enjoys learning about languages. However, as I push through this I find a new light given to the word of God.

I really believe if you want to understand the word of God better it’s important to understand the context and the manner that the scripture was written. It’s no different than if you go into someone else’s job and they’re using all kinds of acronyms and proprietary terminology to talk about tools and resources that they use.

You and I would most likely have to learn that terminology so that we could properly understand what they’re saying. That’s the same for understanding the Bible. Vocabulary has grown so much over the last 2000 years, changing and rearranging itself many times over.
Simply put, think about how drastically different our language has become in just 20 years.
The different meanings that we can give to words.
I would encourage you to take a look at this resource here and I pray that it helps you grow as much as it has me!

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