A Shift Is Coming That Will Lead To Your Growth And Expansion In The Kingdom

Have you ever felt that you are being called higher in the things of God? Do you or someone you know feel called into ministry or that you are to reach the world somehow? Then this word maybe for you.
The time has come for My people to stop holding onto the shirttails and skirt tails of their fathers and mothers. It has never been a way to salvation, or for anyone to be able to move into the things of My Spirit, that time has passed, it is done.

You will no longer be able to move forward from the momentum of another.

I have a higher standard for you. I desire you to move farther and bolder than ever before. You cannot do this if you are trying to get by on the hopes, studies, and dreams of another. Their walk and relationship with me have nothing to do with you.

If you are not drawing near to me and getting into My Presence you are the one that is deciding I have no place with you. When you deny Me, you are denying your access to the deep things that are found only in the intimate place of My Presence.

You must seek Me first.
Seek My kingdom. Only then can you truly flow as I have intended. As I have created you to. You must seek Me first, seek My presence, only then can you reach the potential of where I want to take you. You must be diligent in seeking Me.

My desire is for all of Mine not to be lost.
I will leave the 99 to go after the one.
But that one must decide to abide in Me.

If they will not abide in Me it will be like the branch that produced no fruit and cast into the fire. I will chase after you, yet you must remain in Me. Do not go far from my presence I desire to have fellowship with you. To show you inside information and secret things. As you grow allow your position and understanding not to be lost. Teach and mentor others in Me and where you have been. Be diligent in this. Otherwise, you cannot bear fruit in your disciples that you raise up for Me.

Your ceiling should always be their platform.

They cannot make it to Me on your momentum, but they can be accelerated by gleaning from the truth you have learned and discovered in Me. Do not be dismayed or discouraged. Encourage yourself in Me. Put your eyes on Me, I will be with you!

I truly hope that this word touched your life today!
If it has, please leave a comment or testimony in the comment section below.
I declare that you continue to grow with your territory being enlarged as you move into new paths in God and His spirit!

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