Report peru 2022

Report Peru

We prayed for revival fire

This year Trophy Lakes Church, Truth Tabernacle of Praise, and Moose Ministries are all joined together in a Kingdom effort in the jungle village of Bretaña, Perú.
Left on mission to stir up revival in this remote region.

This was the first year that my oldest son Matthew joined me in the mission field. I’m so proud of how he jumped in and served in any way he could. He has such a heart for God and spoke powerfully!

We were able to also take in two water filters this year to help the day to day work.

While there, we had two teams:
One team focused on ministering to stir up revival, while the other team will be focused on building a church in another village 1 hour away.

After we returned we spoke with our partner Jose there in the Jungle of Peru. He gave us a wonderful testimony of how God is moving.

He told us that our trip there has started a revival in Bretaña like he has not seen in years.

Holding the men’s conference at another church was dramatic – as for the 1st time the other pastors are saying you are not being selfish – you shared the “missionaries” with us, and now we need to start sharing our resources with you.

Thank you for your prayers and support!
We could not have done this without you!

Men are coming back to the church, that have not attended in years. The four pastors in the village are in total harmony versus all competing with each other. Jose has had multiple offers from the four other churches to help him finish the school – carpenters, electricians, plumbers, etc.

A “sense of harmony” now exists that has never been there.

The “rogue” (bad guys) have disappeared. These men were stirring up trouble and violence in the area.

Kids and teenagers were dramatically affected and are showing more interest in church.

Other villages have heard about the new church and are reaching out to him to see what can be done in their villages. He “already” has two more sites identified – one for a major expansion and one for a new church.

He also has identified a “stretch of river” where multiple villages exist that need pastors installed, and plans to visit them soon.

The Altar Call the last Sunday we were in the village affected a “huge number” of people, as there were people and pastors there from all the other three churches in Bretaña.

Any amount helps, please know that ALL funds received
help bring clean water, and teaching into remote areas of the Amazon jungle and around the world,
where the need for the Word of God and practical resources is great.
Your seed makes that possible.
Thank you!

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